Implemented projects

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The country which is still overcome by the aftermath of the disintegration of the USSR in economic and political spheres. It is a politically unstable country, but remains economically dependent on agriculture and the transport of raw materials. Georgia is, due to its geographic location and varied topography exposed to meteorological and hydrological threats for example floods, flash floods, rains, droughts, avalanches, hail and  strong winds.


The supply of automatic weather stations and measuring points including installation  

2011 - 2014
Region: Great Caucasus, Georgia

State agency responsible for monitoring hydrometeorological threats - the National Environmental Agency (NEA) - faced structural problems in the area of ordinary hydrological and meteorological observations and has to generate the appropriate forecasts for the public. The employees of BADGERS - Development professionals delivered a system of automatic weather stations for a newly constructed observation network of the current hydrometeorologic state. The automatic weather stations monitor temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, atmospheric pressure and more. Special software process the data received from the monitored area and draw up a weather map with potential threats and disasters. The early warning system is set up to give current information or information about potential natural threats in a timely manner available to most of the population who reside in the vicinity of large river basins and areas with possible landslides. Now the NEA can collect and analyze important data from poorly accessible mountains areas.



Acquirement of energy from renewable sources for the residents of the Tushiarea 

Execution: 2011 - 2014
Region: Tushi, Georgia

In the Tushi area in the Greater Caucasus mountain range there are about 100-200 villages which are not connected to the electrical energy network. Due to the high altitude (often over 2,500 meters) and small population connection to a central electrical network would be very costly and inefficient. This area is protected and there is also a national park. Within the project of employees of the Badgers - Development Professionals company created and implemented a plan to build an insular electrical network founded on the principle of renewables. It was the installation of photovoltaic panels directly on the houses of recipients. This solution did not require the building of expensive transmission grids in secluded areas. 45 isolated photovoltaic systems including support structures, regulators, batteries, electrical distribution systems and light sources were supplied to villages. The supply also included 67 thermal solar systems including water distribution and internal water tanks. The project also included educating the local residents about the supplied equipment and interactive training. Currently, the residents of Tushi, thanks to this project, better overcome the difficult winter, when they are in mountains and cut off from the outside world and do not have access to other sources of electrical energy and hot water. Another benefit for residents is the fact, that the installation does not create further costs to pay for the supply of electricity and does not produce any harmful emissions.



The supply of automatic hydrological stations 

Execution: 2012
Region: Georgia

A long-term project enhancing the preparedness of Georgia to confront extreme weather fluctuations produced another early warning measures. As a result of reducing the observation network, due to the high cost of the equipment for hydrological measuring in the 90s, Georgia does not have the right system for the collection and measurement of hydrologic data. Employees of the Badgers - Development Professionals Company supplied and installed seven automatic hydrological stations and one instrument for measuring the flow of water, which were installed at pre-selected places on watercourses. Stations are located at important locations that are ideal for gathering the necessary hydrological data and in most regions under the control of the Georgian government. The data obtained  from the connection of manometric probes and other sensors are periodically transmitted via GPRS to the NEA server database where they are evaluated. Increasing the number of observation places ensures the flow of current and reliable data which will be used to prepare accurate forecasts and warnings.



The supply of equipment of shearing sheep for Tushi shepherds 

Execution: 2013 - 2014
Region: Dedoplis Tskaro, Gruzie

This project was implemented as part of a complex project focused on promoting the traditional way of farming life in Tushia. Agriculture in Georgia occupies a very important position and therefore its development is very important. The prevailing weather conditions in the country represent a considerable potential for agriculture in crop and livestock production. But wool processing is not very developed in the country. Shepherds sheared sheep twice a year, using hand shears. Because shearing was very inefficient and expensive, shepherds hired additional workers. Employees of the Badgers - Development Professionals Company supplied equipment for electric sheep shearing - 24 shearing stalls, including electric motors, shafts, shearing machines and power generators including complete technical documentation. The supply included a visual demonstration of the equipment supplied and training of local shepherds, including practical demonstrations of the use of the new equipment. The equipment allows for shepherds to cut wool only once a year and more efficiently. It saves costs on additional workers and gets much better wool, which is much easier to monetize.



The supply of medical equipment for the department of paediatric haematology 

Execution: 2014
Region: Tbilisi, Gruzie

This project will increase the effectiveness of the treatment of leukaemia in the department of Paediatric Haematology in Tbilisi. Employees of the Badgers - Development Professionals Company supplied equipment, which will enable the effective diagnosis of children's oncological diseases. Using current methods and treatment protocols most children with acute leukaemia can be healed. A component of the supplied equipment is the modern blood separator, which enables the preparation of concentrates of blood platelets from healthy donors, PCR equipment which contributes to more accurate diagnoses of the type of leukaemia and a refrigerated centrifuge, which enables the manipulation of blood samples and bone marrow for a diagnostic PCR method. The supplied equipment will enable the paediatric department to obtain better and more accurate results about the health of paediatric patients and will lead to more accurate diagnoses and therefore to better treatment of patients too.